Behavioral Health/Counseling

At Riverside, we are committed to keeping your child physically and emotionally healthy.  A child's emotional health is critical to their development.  We screen older children for mental health concerns, and we are trained to diagnose and manage mild-moderate anxiety and depression in children and teenagers.  

We partner with MUSC Telemedicine to provide many subspecialty services via Telemedicine.  Child psychiatry is a subspecialty particularly well suited for telemedicine.  If your child is in need of more advanced psychiatric services than can be managed by our providers, we can refer you to MUSC Child Psychiatry with expedited services available through our Telemedicine relationship.  After the appointment, the Child Psychiatrist and your child's doctor speak by phone to discuss the upcoming treatment plan and follow up, all within the comfort or our own office. 

We are thrilled to have a co-located counselor and play therapist under our roof.  Kathy Redwine (Redwine Counseling) specializes in therapy for children and young adults.  She has an office at Riverside Pediatrics in Georgetown.  You can reach Kathy Redwine directly by calling 843-274-7604 or your provider can send a referral for services.