Vaccination Policy

Vaccinations are paramount to the health of our children and the entire community. Our providers share the strong belief, supported by scientific research, that vaccinations are safe, effective, and vital to raising healthy children.

We recommend immunizations to be given according to the schedule recommended by the CDC. This is what we have done for our own children. Though we do not recommend alternate vaccination schedules, we will work with parents to vaccinate in a manner that is more comfortable to them if needed. Specific details should be discussed regarding our procedure for alternate vaccine schedules prior to registration if possible.

Please note that we require our families to start vaccinations by 6 months of age. Infants who are receiving a delayed vaccination schedule by parental request should complete the recommended childhood vaccinations due by 2 years of age.

We follow the CDC immunization schedule. Please click here to view our vaccination schedule.

If you are interested in an alternate vaccination schedule, please view the form that you will be required to sign at well child appointments acknowledging the risk associated with delaying vaccinations. 

Helpful links for credible vaccination information can be found in the Useful Links section of our website.